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Thanks for visiting, and for having an interest in a little something about me.

I considered what this should be. I thought themes and subject matter. I thought focus and uniformity. And since you may already have browsed around, or since (which is more likely the case) you actually already know a little something about me, you may be smiling. Since this is me sharing me, I think I ought not pretend otherwise. And so, a rough & rowdy rock&roll interview will follow… an asparagus salad. ‘Nough with the either or’s. I’d rather be an ampersand.

I am tirelessly curious, and easily inspired. Not to say that I have no standards for inspiration, but rather that I’m sometimes exhausted by my own interests and everything that we could be.

I love the process of a project, and am less interested in the result. This particular project will certainly challenge that. I’m intrigued with seeing and creating brilliance from something simple – paper & pencil, flour & egg, shadows & light.

I am childishly enthusiastic about celebrations regarding anything, everything, and often…nothing.



I need movement & music & passion & picnics. I do not, (nor will I ever) need cilantro.

‘Hoping to spark something,

Still curious?


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  • Reply steve wuesthoff October 28, 2015 at 1:53 pm

    wow! neat! diverse! open! sadly a 2 second scans worth is all i have right now. can’t wait to check in again soon! love the color page on the opening page! mg and bob gotta be proud! lub stev

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