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Geo-bunny wall art

March 29, 2015

There’s only one week ’til Easter! With peeps and pastels, baskets and birds nests; decorating for Easter can feel a little like set-up for a baby shower. I know…’tis the season and all, but we do have options.
Even if you’re not into daffodils and daisies and all things adorable, your walls shouldn’t have to miss out on a little something seasonal. And with wall-art this quick and simple, you really don’t have an excuse.
I even drew a template for you guys, so all you need to do is print it here! Download & Print


Now you have some options. You could…

Use: paints/crayons/colored pencils

Color, paint, whatever method you want, fill in your shapes & hang it up. I used basic craft acrylic paints. You can find them everywhere and they dry quick like a bunny (I know, you’re welcome).


So simple AND an excuse to revert to your crayons and coloring book days? Yes please.

P.S. A wooden pants hanger makes a pefect print hanger too, and is great for seasonal interchangeable art.


Or…make your own adhesive wall decals!

Use: Scissors, adhesive (renters) wallpaper or patterned contact paper

Print your template. Now channel Uncle Joey and “Cut. It. Out.” No? Ok, sorry. Just cut it out.

Trace it onto your wallpaper and cut that out too. I found my wallpaper here, but you can find plenty of options at most hardware stores. It comes in great patterns and prints, and can be stuck (& restuck) to your walls without doing any damage.






You could reduce the sizes on your printable to make a whole family of bunnies on the wall!

I even played with geo-bunny shadow puppet style.  Cutting it from clear contact paper, I put the shapes back together on a pane of my french doors and projected the design onto the wall.


Tip: Holding a flashlight with one hand and keeping a door steady with your knee while trying to take a picture, might greatly affect the quality of your image.


So, there you are. Get going. And if you happen to use this template to create your own Easter art,show me & I’ll share yours’ too! What are we good for, if not to inspire each other? And I have a feeling you’re awfully inspiring.


Download & print Twineandtablewallart

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    hey! great site aesthetic and posts. found you through your lemon beeswax candles being shared on craft gossip.

    i look forward to seeing future posts from you and hope you get a chance to check out my food blog. i am inspired by your site to find a way to incorporate my crafts onto my site.


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