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Ice cream party poppers!

August 1, 2016

icecream party poppers

I scream – you scream! We all scream…..

that party poppers aren’t just for New Year’s Eve!

You’ll need:

– card stock – glue dots – colored tissue paper – string – party poppers – small wrappable gifts (stickers/candy/confetti) – scissors

Ice cream poppers 1

Cut your cardstock into a square. Roll and secure with one glue dot to form your cone, trimming the extra paper.

ice cream poppers 2

ice cream poppers 3

ice cream poppers 4

Collect your party gifts and center them in a cut square of your tissue paper. Roll into a ball, and tie with your string leaving a long tail.

ice cream poppers 5


ice cream poppers 7

ice cream poppers 8

ice cream poppers 9

Place your tied ice cream scoop into another square of tissue, leaving the long string hanging from the center. Tie with string around the outer tissue and trim excess.

ice cream poppers 10

ice cream poppers 11

Drop your string through the bottom of the cone but leave the ice cream scoop out for now.

ice cream poppers 6

Pull the string free from your party popper (without actually popping it), and drop it in the cone so that the string hangs through next to your first scoop string. You can now pull the ice cream scoop string all the way through so that your scoop sits on top of the cone. You should have two strings hanging through.

ice cream poppers 12

Use several glue dots to secure your scoop onto your cone. Then trim away as much tissue as you’d like to create the scooped border of your ice cream.


ice cream poppers 13

ice cream poppers 14

Twineandtable ice cream cone confetti

When it’s time to celebrate, pull your strings and party on!

Twineandtable ice cream poppers

Ice cream party poppers T&T



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