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May 23, 2016

Memorial Day is a week away. That means we’ll be spending this Monday day-dreaming of summer.

And so we bring you… your summer supply list – part 1.

Whether pool-side or in the sand, the right beach towel can make or break your day. That sounds extreme. But if you’ve ever had to rest your heels in the sand just to fit on your terry-cloth, this list is for you.

I once had a perfect beach towel (cue dreamy music and a foggy vignette). But really. It was soft enough that my post-dip dry-off didn’t come with a side of exfoliation. It was wide enough that I could read a book without my elbows suffering in the sand. It was long enough that my wet hair AND my toes could all comfortably fit. It was the Goldilocks of towels.

And then a Costa Rican island dog stole it. Really. Could I make that up? Stole it from right under my nose (among other parts). And, after a rousing match of tug-of-war that ended in the ocean; he held up a white flag. And me? I held up my once perfect towel, and looked right through its new gaping hole. Seeing as though I was still on a beautiful beach and my four-legged opponent had been ridiculously cute, I couldn’t bother to care about such silly things as a beach towel at the time. Pura vida, right?

But now I’m on the lookout for the next perfect towel.

You too?

We’ve got you covered.

modcloth towel

1.Dry it on for size beach towel – $54.99

We’re betting you won’t lose sight of your beach chair with this draped over it. Bright colors and plenty wide, this geometric print has us wanting to head to the Max with Kelly & Zack.

hm round towel

2. Round beach towel – $34.99

A round beach towel? This could solve so many sandy situations.  Loving the idea of a towel wide enough to keep our beach read and beverage sans sand.

marimekko towel

3. Oversized Marimekko towel – $39.99 

Oversized and Marimekko really seems like all we need to say here. But, I’ll add that by ‘oversized’ they’re talking ‘bring a friend’ big.

palm print towel


4. Printed palm towel – $19.99

You might be at the local pool, but this towel will transport you to the tropics. I don’t care how ‘over’ the palm print fad you are. This towel is beautiful.

donut towel

5. Pink frosted donut beach blanket – $29.99 

At 5 feet wide, this really is a beach blanket. Since (unless you’re under 5′) you’d have some overhang, I’m seeing this as a home base for your whole crew’s bags and beach bring-alongs. A great play space for beach babes and toddlers too.

tassel towel

6. Alabat beach towel – $88.00

Exotic patterns and tassels too? These Asian inspired textiles have me checking out jungle-adjacent airbnb’s.

bando towel

7. I am fun giant beach towel – $38.00

In case anyone doubted it.

fauta towel

8. Fouta towel – $46.00

A traditional Turkish towel, this one’s made of cotton instead of terrycloth. Thin enough to fold up in your beach bag, but still absorbent.

cabana towel

9. Cabana stripe beach towel – $62.50

I’m picturing high-waisted black bikini and oversized Jackie-O shades on classic red cabana stripes. And…go.

mandala towel


10. Magic mandala towel – $99.00

A little steep in price, but when you buy this towel, Vagabond donates 10% to charities that support our oceans and wildlife. Plus, you’ll be lounging on a mandala which has to make for some peaceful dreams.


I may have found way too many potentially perfect towels… but now there’s no excuse for lack-luster lounging.



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2016 – Year of the Monkey

December 30, 2015


2016 is the year of the monkey…

The list of contradicting primate predictions offered already has been overwhelming. Therefore, my take away is simply that the year to come should be a barrel of fun. After all, for the animal most similar to ourselves as humans to also be quite possibly the silliest member of the AK should be a playful reminder to do just that. Play.

So, in this new year…here’s to having fun. Here’s to being silly. Here’s to monkeying around.

(here’s to keeping it short to make more time for play)…


twine&table framed geomonkey


And here….. is to download your own playful reminder.

twine&table geomonkey b/wDownload & print  in black and white to paint or color your own art.

twineandtable framed b/w monkey

Frame it as is to go minimalist and mod.

twine&table framed wcmonkey

Or, download & print a pre-painted primate. New year, new wall art.