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Plated Petals

April 12, 2016

Plated petals twineandtable

Spring brings with it all things fresh and floral. The season’s first blooms – We decorate with them. We wear them. We photograph and flaunt them. We send them. We tend to them.

We eat them.

Wait.   We eat them?

With spring decor turning all things floral, let’s not forget our dinner plates. Edible flowers are just about the prettiest treat we could imagine, taking the ‘garden to table’ trend to a whole new level.

There are definitely some beautiful blooms that should never be eaten. And it’s important to only include flora that hasn’t been treated chemically when plating petals.

Grow your own, get to know your  green thumbed neighbor, or check out your local farmers market for ideal organic blooms. Then, try out a few of these gorgeous, garden-inspired dishes before experimenting on your own.

Edible flower grid



Honestly yum Popsicle

Could Prosecco AND popsicles get any better? Honestly Yum says – honestly, yes. 

Apron & sneakers salad

The closest thing to plating spring comes from Rowena at Apron & Sneakers.

Squash blossom soup

A perfect early spring dish for days when you need to check the calendar. Because…30 degrees in April?

Twigg studios cake

Twigg studios may have made the most amazingly beautiful cake ever. 

Papernstitch bark

Flowers turn into all natural funfetti with color-blocked bark from Papernstitch.

Tablespoon icecubes

The easiest way to “springify” your drinks? Edible flower ice cubes.

Taste revelation salad

The prettiest platter of asparagus & flowers, with a springy citrus vinaigrette.

Brides cafe tray

  Edible pansies are perfect for this simple DIY over at the Bride’s cafe.

Edible flower salad

A sweet & simple salad for any spring soirée

Edible therapy flowers

Turn any edible flower into gorgeous decor for cakes, cookies, & pastries with this simple guide from edible therapy.

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