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Year of the rooster

January 14, 2017

Chinese New Year starts January 28th and 2017 is the year of the fire rooster! That means it’s time to quit monkeying around. The rooster predicts a year of success and achievements.

Maybe 2016 had you swinging from one project to the next (let’s blame the year of the monkey).

With its early rising and diligence though, the rooster’s influence will encourage us to stick to and finish those projects we’ve postponed. Its proud enthusiasm will push us to ‘show off’ and share our work with the world.

If nothing else, maybe the rooster – and his finely coiffed comb – will ensure a year of good hair days.



New year, new coloring page!

Download & Print

New year, new wall art

Download your pre-painted print

Or or how about a new lock screen to remind yourself to get up, get moving, and get making yourself proud.



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